We are committed to make a positive difference in our world.

Code of Conduct

We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint and develop our social responsibilities. Therefore all our employees have signed our Code of Business Conduct . Herewith our team shows their commitment to work on, to sustain and to ensure continuous improvements on ethical and environmental business behavior.

From all our suppliers we work with we expect:
–  That they are committed to work on, sustain and ensure continuous improvements on social responsibility.

– That they demonstrate commitment to reduce their negative environmental impact.

– That they provide visibility regarding their progress on this topic.

To invigorate this we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct to commit themselves to our vision and policy (which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page).

"We strive to create an environmental friendly mindset within FNF Ingredients. Every single day we aim to increase our awareness and knowledge about sustainability and our corporate social responsibility."

Our Contribution

We support two Dutch non-profit organizations who are working on a cleaner and greener world for us all. At the end of every year we make a donation part of our profit to:
The Ocean Cleanup                                                                                   
The Ocean Cleanup is developing advanced technologies to get all plastic out of the world’s oceans. With our help they can continue their research, improve their technology and accelerate the largest clean-up in history. Please have a look at The Ocean Cleanup.



Just Diggit 

Just Diggit jumpstarts landscape restoration programs in order to achieve positive climate impact and creates a global social movement for climate action. We support them by buying bounds to regreen the earth. For more information please check: Justdiggit.